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  • Profile of Mark A. Agius. Here's a bit of information about me.
    Why not tell me a bit about youself! I'm nosy too. :-)

  • STOP PRESS For the latest news and information on this web site.

  • The War on Iraq. Your views and your internet poll on the war in Iraq.

  • The 10 Hour clock page. Displays the current time in the 5, 10, 12 and 24 hour formats. (If your web browser can display Java script! See below)
    There are also templates to convert a 12 hour analogue clock face into a 5 hour clockface , 24 hour clock face into a 10 hour clock face,
    A BBC (Acorn) basic program that simulates a CEEFAX page describing the 10 hour format and the BBC basic program as a text file for non-Acorn computer users to read.

  • Time to end of millennium. Displays the number of days to the next Millennium (the 1st of January 2000).
    Also displays the time in the 24, 12, 10 and 5 hour formats. (If your web browser can display Java script! See below)

  • Exchange Rates. Converts different currencys.
    Use this page to convert your pounds ( sterling) to or from other currencies.

    This page uses JavaScript.
    Currency data is held in file; ExchangeRate.js.
    Currency rates change every day, but the exchange rates on this page are only changed occasionally.
    Please see date on page when currency data was last updated.

  • Questions & Answers quiz page, can you answer the questions?
    This page uses frames (windows within windows) If your web browser won't work with frames then it will display a link to the
    questions frame and the
    answers frame.
    Click on these links to view the frames separately. If your browser doesn't displays these pages in separate windows then click on your web browsers back icon to return to this page.
    You may need to click on the back icon a number of times.

  • Get your national lottery numbers here, with the help from a bit of JavaScript code by Mark.

  • Display information about your web browser, with the help from a bit of JavaScript code.
    Eg. browsers name, browsers version number, computers platform etc. etc.

  • Programs. Acorn RISC and IBM PC programs applications and files written by Mark A. Agius.

  • On this day. Tells you about any important event that happened on this day in history.
    You can also display information about any other date.

    If your web browser doesn't support JavaScript then you will have to select the date manually, see below.
    The URL for any date is;
    When month.htm#day = 01.htm#01 to 12.htm#31

  • Acorn Webring. If you're an Acorn computer user, or you're interested in Acorn computers then visit the Acorn Webring site.
    You'll find lots of links to Acorn related web sites there.
    Acorn Webring logo.
  • St. Paul's R.C. Church, Haywards Heath, Eucharistic Ministers rota for the Saturday 6:30pm and Sunday 8:30am Mass.
    This page is here for the Eucharistic Ministers at the Saturday 6:30pm and Sunday 8:30am Mass at St. Paul's R.C. Church, Haywards Heath.
    This page may be of no interest to anyone else.
    Mass times at St. Paul's R.C. Church, Haywards Heath.

  • Holidays and moveable feasts for
    This page will display holidays and moveable feasts for any selected year.
    Do you know when Pentecost is this year?
    If your web browser doesn't support JavaScript then this page won't display any information.
    You can also enter the year by typing ?YearInput=1962 at the end of the URL (when 1962 = year to display).
    Eg. to display the year 1066.

  • Links to other web sites. Mark's list of favourite web sites.
    This page also plays some background music for you to listen too.

  • Letters. Your letters, questions and answers about this web site.

  • File information. Text file listing all files on this web site, with information about when they where created, moderfied, uploaded etc.

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      If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer then goto the
      welcome page and click on the download Microsoft Internet Explorer icon.
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If you wish to contact me about this web site or any other matters then please send me an e-mail at;
(Please see the Letters page first)

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