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MIDI (mid) files download faster than WAVE (wav) files as they are smaller.
Midi files may sound different on your computer depending on which instruments you have installed.

Here's a list of my favourite web sites;

British TV and Radio web sites;
BBC . Local, national and international TV, Radio, Teletext etc. (Open in this window.)
BBC1, BBC2, BBC News 24 and local TV. Radio1, 2, 3, 4, BBC Radio 5 Live and local radio. The World service. The overseas services, etc. etc.
BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation.
ITV Network . The ITV TV national network web site. (Open in this window.)
ITV = Independent Television.
ITN . Independent Television News for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. (Open in this window.)
LNN . London News Network. Regional news for both London ITV broadcasters. (Open in this window.)
GMTV (Good Morning Television) . Breakfast TV for all ITV regions.
Anglia Television . ITV from Norwich. (Open in this window.)
Border Television . ITV from Carlisle. (Open in this window.)
Carlton Television . ITV for London. (Weekdays) (Open in this window.)
Central Television . ITV from Birmingham. (Open in this window.)
Channel Television. ITV for the Channel Islands.
Grampian Television . ITV from Aberdeen.
Granada Television . ITV from Manchester. (Open in this window.)
HTV . ITV for Wales and the West Country. (Open in this window.)
LWT . London Weekend Television. ITV for London. (Weekends only) (Open in this window.)
Meridian Television at; http://www.meridiantv.com - (Open in this window.) and at; http://www.meridian.tv.co.uk - (Open in this window.)
ITV from Southampton.
cyber.café;-)ITVís (Meridians) series featuring "stories from the Internet". (Open in this window.)
Scottish Television . ITV from Glasgow. (Open in this window.)
Ulster Television . ITV from Belfast. (Open in this window.)
Westcountry . ITV from Plymouth.
Yorkshire Tyne Tees Television . ITV (formerly two regions) from Leeds and Newcastle.
Channel 4 . Britain's 4th terrestrial TV channel. (Open in this window.)
The Big Breakfast . Breakfast TV for Channel 4.
S4C . The Welsh channel 4. (Open in this window.)
Channel 5 . Britain's 5th terrestrial TV channel. (In parts!!) (Open in this window.)
As Channel 5 web site has still not been uploaded / created yet, there's a private web site about Channel 5 at;
- (Open in this window.)
Channel 5 was due to start in the 1990's. If you can't get digital TV, like us in the south east of England,
then you should continue the TV licence fee affority after the analogue service closes. (Analogue closes in 2008 to 2012)
All viewers in areas not covered by digital TV should receive a refund backdated to when Channel 5 started broadcasting to other areas.
Sky web site for Sky satellite TV. (Open in this window.)
To receave Sky you need a satellite dish or a freeserve digital TV.
You can only receve Sky 3 with freeserve digital TV
and you may only be able to receave some channels depending on your Sky package.
Teletext . Teletext for ITV, Channel 4, S4C and Channel 5. (Open in this window.)
Capital Radio. Independent local radio (ILR) for London. (Open in this window.)
Southern Sound FM. Independent local radio (ILR) from the south. (Open in this window.)
Southern Sound FM also has a mirror (identical) web site. (Open in this window.)
British news paper web sites;
BBC News Online. UK news site from the BBC. Uses same logos as the new BBC News 24 tv channel. (Open in this window.)
The Times. Both daily and Sunday editions of the leading UK broadsheet. (Open in this window.)
The Telegraph. Both daily and Sunday editions. UK national broadsheet. (Open in this window.)
Financial Times. British financial paper, with pink pages. (Open in this window.)
The Independent. News, features and analysis from the UK broadsheet. (Open in this window.)
The Guardian. Stylish and comprehensive site from the UK broadsheet. (Open in this window.)
The Sun. UK national paper that reviles all.
Evening Standard. London's local favourite news paper. (Open in this window.)
The Economist good selection of articles from this news heavyweight. (Open in this window.)
The Mid-Sussex Times. A weekly Mid Sussex local news paper. (Open in this window.)
Friday Ad. A Mid Sussex local freebee paper. Full of local ads. Out on Fridays. (Open in this window.)
Acorn computer related web sites;
Acorn computers web site. The company that designs computers that;
don't crash every two seconds,
don't need huge hard-drives, have the operating system, basic language, !Edit (text editor), !Paint (graphic application), !Draw etc built into a ROM.
etc. etc.
and can run Windows software?
(Open in this window.)
Acorn Webring at; http://www.acornring.home.ml.org/ has links to lots of Acorn web sites.
(Open in this window.)
http://members.aol.com:/MarkAgius/index.htm is this web sites home page, owned by Mark Agius.
Have you seen my Acorn programs page yet? Then goto the programs page.
Acorn User The best-selling Acorn magazine for 32-bit RISC OS computer users.
(Open in this window.)
Acorn Archimedes World A good Acorn magazine, with lots of articles and software.
Archive subscription magazine for Acorn Users.
Monthly program disc from Archive.
Beebbug Limited BBC Acorn magazine and shop for Acorn software/hardware.
Risc USER Risc User magazine. (Owned by Beebbug)
Peter Daniels web site. This web site has Acorn/RISC software to download, information about the cult USA sci-fi series Babylon5 and Star Trek plus some Christian information and jokes.
Other web sites;
AOL NetFind. AOL's web site search engine. (New version)
AOL NetFind. AOL's web site search engine. (Old version)
Yahoo! A British web site search engine.
HotBot A good web site search engine.
AltaVista. A search engine to help find that web site, picture, music file or any other file on the web.
Infoseek. A Worldwide search engine.
Yell. Yellow Pages UK. - Yellow Pages do the walking on the internet.
Microsoft web site. Producer of Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Internet Explorer etc etc for IBM compatible PC's.
Netscape web site. One of the main web browsers for IBM compatible PC's.
UK maps at; MultiMap.comJust enter the place name, post code or grid reference then click on Search.
(Open http://uk8.multimap.com/map/places.cgi or http://uk2.multimap.com/ in this window)
Haywards Heath official guide, by the H.H. Town Council.
West Sussex County Council web site. For information on West Sussex.
East Sussex County Council web site. For information on East Sussex.
South East England on-line Tourist information for the counties of East Sussex, Surrey, Kent and West Sussex in England.
St. Paul's R.C. Church Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
A & B website for Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
Java program language used in the latest html pages by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
British royalty web site about the monarchy.
Malta. A small island with a big history.
Where is it? What language do they speak? What's the weather like there?
Top 100 Web sites. Links to the best web sites voted by you.
Updated hourly.
BEEB. The BBC's (Aunty Beeb) entertainment and downloads.
Have you seen the BBC's web sites at http://www.bbc.co.uk and also http://news.bbc.co.uk?
The Open University. A world leader in open and distance learning and higher education for British adults.
Most courses are also broadcasted on BBC TV and/or BBC radio.
This site also displays the dates and times of it's BBC programs.
http://www.somerfield.co.uk/. Fancy a nibble?
Lee B. Warren's web site. Someone I work with and helped to create his web site.
C.I.A. The American Central Intelligence Agency.
MIDI files at http://www.mdc.net/~m21s/midi/midi.html.
Eric's midi collection. Contains over 360 midi files to download.
Most of the files at this site have been zipped to save on space and download time.
To unzip the files (PC users), you'll need to use the WinZip or PKZIP utility.
To dearchive the files (Acorn RISC users), use the !SparkPlug application, then use !Sibelius to play the files after setting the file type to 'midi' (&FD4).
Keywords. Enter keyword KEYWORD or KEYWORDS for a list of AOL Keywords.
Note; This link will only work for AOL members using the AOL web browser window.
(Open in this window.)

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