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You are viewing a copy of my first and now deleted Website.
This and all other member Websites where deleted by AOL on 31/10/2008.
The old address of this Website was;
Some of the page links and sending form date no longer work on this copy.
(This site looked best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7)
On 4/10/2008, I replaced all my Aol Websites with a 'This Website is closing' message.
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  • !Webite,   1.23 (22-Oct-1995) - Webite code.
  • !Webster, 0.14 (17-Mar-1996) - Webster code.

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  • Some pages play wave or midi sound tracks in the background.
    Did you hear the welcome message and tune?
  • Some pages use JavaScript. Can you see today date under the A.G.I.U.S. logo?
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This web site has been tested on Acorn Acorn RISC and Microsoft Microsoft windows computers.
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