Where is Haywards Heath?

Here's a map of Haywards Heath.
Map of Haywards Heath town centre.

Where is Haywards Heath?
Haywards Heath is in Mid Sussex, on the border between East and West Sussex. It's also on the main London to Brighton railway line. (South of Gatwick airport)
Map of Haywards Heath and sourrounding area.

Where is Sussex?
The county of Sussex is on the south coast of England. South of London, in the south east corner of the country.
South-East England.

Where is England?
England is in western Europe, north west of France.
Here's Britian. (England, Scotland, Wales etc.)

Where is Europe?
Europe is a number of countries in Earths northern hemisphere.

Where is the Earth?
Third planet from the Sun.
The spining Earth.

Where is the Sun?
The Sun is the name of our nearest star. It's in the Milky Way.

Where is the Milky Way?
Next to the Mars bars in the sweet shop!

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