Please take note;
The RISC application ! V·A·T· (version 0.02)
by Mark A. Agius has been removed from this web site, as this software was published in the RISC user magazine. (June 1997, volume 10, issue 7)
It was also published again on the "RISC USER a Nutshell" CD-ROM (released in May 2000)
but was slightly edited. (2D template file removed!)
See directory; CDFS::NUTSHELL.$.DISCS.VOL10.07/ZIP/!VAT in CD-ROM "RISC USER a Nutshell".

You can obtain a copy of this application from RISC user at;

    RISC User,
     Beebug Ltd.,
      117, Hatfield Road,
       St. Albans,
         AL1 4JS

    Telephone; (01727) 840303
    E-mail   ;
    Web site ;
    or       ; 

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